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Low Key Music

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Who is this group of web pages ?

Low Key Music began in 1995. Our goal was to make buying school band instruments more affordable in our local area. We opened in a small consignment shop selling mostly used instruments and new supplies and accessories. This was before the internet was popular and most parents had no choice but to buy from local stores who charged full retail price most instruments. The only alternative was catalog stores, but parents new to music did not know what to buy. We moved into our own space in a small shopping center in 1996 and began selling new and used instruments as well providing rent to own service on educational instruments. We expanded into a larger space in 2004 and open an area for private lessons on all types of instruments. We were teaching over 100 students per week and  providing  excellent instrument repair service with a very fast turnaround. However, change was soon coming.

In 2005 we began offering instrument repair service through our website and we quickly became a very well recognized name in repair. Our restorations were of very high quality and in great demand. On the retail side of the business, we were beginning to feel the squeeze from the large stores and internet competition. Our repair services had become much more profitable than retail sales and rentals. So in 2006, we closed our store and became a web based repair facility. Our restoration services reached a peak in 2014. Some of our most talented craftsmen were beginning to retire and we reduced our presence in the business so we could maintain a very high level of quality. Today we only do a small number of full restorations per year focusing primarily on vintage saxophones. This is why we have the specialty shop of Vintage Sax Workshop.  A small sideline of our sax repair business has developed into the niche of making custom key rollers. We began offering many styles of custum rollers and created

We still stay very busy with other repairs for students and professionals including woodwind repadding and brasswind instrument repairs. 

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