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Low Key Music

Trombone Repair

Minor Trombone Overhaul


Sometimes referred to as simply a cleaning and tune-up, the minor trombone  overhaul at Low Key Music, is more than just that. We first evaluate the overall condition of the trombone noting any damage to the body including dents, bent  braces, or alignment issues.  We also look for red rot or corrosion in the tubing or broken/cracked solder joints.  We check the ease of motion of the hand slide. The inner and outer slide tubes are checked for dents and for plating wear.  If the plating on the inner slide has pitting or if it is worn through to the brass, the action will not be as good as desired.  Inner slide tubes can sometimes be replaced for less cost than replating depending on the model. If there is a rotary valve or piston valves, we will check those for condition and proper action. Once the assessment has been made, we will discuss any items that may require work outside of the scope of a minor overhaul.


The next step in the minor overhaul is the complete disassembly of all the slides, valves, and anything else that can be removed. The trombone is then degreased and chemically cleaned by submersion in a safe solution of classic brass cleaner.  After cleaning, minor dents and solder repairs are done.  The minor overhaul typically covers up to two small solder repairs, removal of most easily accessible minor dents, and alignment of the hand slide.  The hand slide may require addition work if badly dented or bent.  Parts other than springs, felts, corks,  and additional labor needed may be required at extra cost.

The third step in the minor overhaul , is re-assembly and setup. Good hand slide action is achieved by proper alignment and straightness of the tubes. The water key or spit valve spring and cork are replaced. We prefer to use synthetic water key corks which last much longer than natural cork. All the tuning slides are greased and installed. The hand slide is lubricated and assembled. If present, the valves are oiled and installed and checked for smooth action.  Finally the trombone is play tested and packed for safe return to its owner.

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