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Sax Key Rollers


All colors:

Standard sizes: $8.00 ea

18mm x 6.0mm

18mm x 5.5mm

Exact fit sizes:
$9.00 ea

FREE Shipping in U.S.

There is a $3.00 fee for insurance

Minimum Order $16.

We offer rollers in 2 basic styles:

-Custom Standard length
-Custom Exact Fit

1. Custom Standard Length - You choose the color from our list. We supply the rollers in 18 mm length and 6mm  or 5.5mm diameter with a 2 mm hole. You cut them to length and drill the hole larger if needed.

2. Custom Exact Fit - Send us your existing rollers and screws. Choose the color you desire. We will make a set of rollers in the same size as yours and ship them FREE. OR Send us the specific lengths you need.

To create your part code use the following guide:

(Type)-(color)-(diameter)-(length)-(hole size)

        CS=custom standard length
        CE=custom exact fit

example 2: CS-SR11-6-18-2 This is for a custom roller in Turquoise color
example 3: CE-SR19 This is for a set of exact fit custom rollers in Black Pearl

Ordering is very simple:

Just send us an email with a list of part codes for the rollers you want to:  We will send you a PayPal invoice for payment. Be sure to specify your PayPal email address if you have an account.

Most rollers are made to order, so it may take a few days before your order ships. Due to the many size and color combinations available, we cannot stock pre-made rollers.

Email us:   Call:  864-373-3174

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