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Low Key Music

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Brasswind Repairs

We limit our services to primarily trumpets and trombones. French horns and low brass service is limited to local customers and on a limited basis.

We offer a full range of repair on trumpets and trombones (including cornets and bugles). There are three basic levels of repair as detailed below. Minor repairs can be done individually or grouped as a minor overhaul. Typically this is considered maintenance for an instrument that is playable but needing service. The next level of service is for an instrument that is beyond playable or has not been played in a long period of time. A mechanical overhaul is a complete rebuild and will put the instrument in as new playing condition without refinishing. This service is eventually needed for all instruments as parts wear and require replacement. The top level of repair is a major overhaul which includes everything to make the instrument look and play as close to new as possible. Further details for all levels of service are given on each instrument's page.

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