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Low Key Music

Flute Repair

There are many varieties of flutes. The most popular is the soprano C flute which is keyed to low C and has solid finger keys. Also know as a closed hole or plateau flute, this is typically what students will begin playing and will usually be either nickel or silver plated. Most lower priced and beginner models will be closed hole with an offset G key for ease of fingering. The most popular next step up is a flute that has openings on the keys for the fingers to cover. This is known as an open hole flute. Most will have an inline G key. Regardless of the style, there are many variations within entry level and intermediate level flutes. Intermediate flutes may also have solid silver heads and/or bodies. There are other options such as low B foots and gold plated embouchure plates, etc.  Differences in the construction and quality of materials is typically what makes the difference between beginner, intermediate and professional flutes. We cannot describe here in detail all the many differences. Our repair techniques and materials are matched with the needs of the instrument. There are some instruments that fall below our standards and may not be candidates for repair. The repair cost could outweigh the instrument value or we could determine that the instrument would not stay in good repair due to it's quality.

Flute Minor Overhaul
This is an extension of what some shops call a "playing condition" or PC repair. It includes general cleaning and making minor repairs to get the flute in good playing condition. Up to four pads and one tenon cork is included along with small corks for adjustment and regulation of the keys.  A Mechanical overhaul will be recommended if the work required exceeds half of what would be required for an overhaul, A minor overhaul should be done as a minimum once per year or as required.

Flute repad & Mechanical Overhaul
In addition to  the minor overhaul services, this includes complete disassembly and cleaning.  All the pads are replaced with standard pads of the correct thickness. The keys, body, foot and head joint are polished.  Keys can be replated for additional cost if required. The head cork and all key corks are replaced unless they are in excellent condition.  Springs are replaced where necessary. Minor dent repairs are
 included. The flute is adjusted and played.


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