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Low Key Music

We have repaired instruments from nearly every state in the US since 2005. Many customers have found it more convienent to ship an instrument to us rather than finding a quality local repair shop. Our prices are also some of the most affordable around, even including shipping cost. 

Packing and Shipping Instructions

Follow these steps for sending us your instrument:
1. Call or email us so we know to expect your package.
2. Pack your instrument according to our packing instructions.
3. Read our customer agreement.
4. Ship your instrument.

Shipping Address:

Low Key Music
131 Bagwell Rd
Piedmont, SC 29673
(864) 373-3174

Email us:   Call:  864-373-3174

It is important that you pack your instrument securely. The case does not always offer adequate protection. We will re-use your packaging, so it is important that you follow our instructions. If someone else is packing your instrument, give these instructions to them. If we cannot reuse your packaging, there will be a minimum $10 fee for materials.

 If using your case, pack the instrument securely in the case with bubble wrap so there can be no movement. Secure the case latches with tape or shrink wrap. Use a box large enough for 2-3 inches of packing material around it. DO NOT SHIP IN ONLY THE CASE.

 If shipping without a case, wrap the instrument in several layers of bubble wrap and then place it in a sturdy box surrounded with at least a 3" layer of peanuts or air pillows.

 The only acceptable packing materials are foam peanuts, air pillows, and bubble wrap. Do not use newspaper or crumpled kraft paper as stuffing. We cannot reuse these materials and we will charge for supplying the correct materials.

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